Harmonise, strengthen and heal the body.


Soften the body, calm the mind, energise your soul.

An energetic movement practice, building an understanding and awareness of moving life force (qi), through the body. A connection of mind, body, and spirit is strengthened creating harmony and healing within the body.

Qigong involves a progressive set of movement exercise, linking rhythmic breathing patterns, formed to create a fluid set of movements, building warmth and energy flow, helping to bring healing back to the body. The Qigong system can help to reduce stress and anxiety, build stamina, and increase vitality whilst enhancing the immune system. It can also help to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions. The supply of oxygen increases through the body helping to energise and offer a rejuvenating effect on every cell.

The practice forms an important part in Chinese Medicine, Chinese Martial and Healing Arts and has been used extensively in China and throughout the world as part of traditional Chinese medicine and alternative complimentary medicines.

Our work flow

Every member of the Enhance Tribe follows a bespoke pathway to success. What success means to you, will be different from the next. Our work flow follows four important steps to reach your defined wellness lifestyle.


We will work with you to ensure you commence on a realistic path and that your goals are achievable.

The culture

Our Tribe provides a caring and supportive culture with complete inclusiveness to all members.

Self recognition

Give time to yourself. Give back to yourself. Be kind to yourself.

Your Wellness LIfestyle

Continual respect and honour for your chosen lifestyle within an environment that celebrates each milestone of success.