Classic Hatha Yoga in a flowing energised sequence.


Vinyasa Flow incorporates classic yoga postures taught with functional application to allow you to achieve the deep benefits of yoga.


You will be guided through the class working on all yoga aspects, helping to build strength, increase flexibility and mobility, finding balance, focus and inner calm.


Vinyasa Flow is open to all levels from those commencing their yoga journey, to students looking to deepen their yoga practice.


Soften the body, calm the mind, energise your soul.


An energetic movement practice, building an understanding and awareness of moving life force (qi), through the body.  A connection of mind, body, and spirit is strengthened creating harmony and healing within the body.


Qigong involves a progressive set of movement exercise, linking rhythmic breathing patterns, formed to create a fluid set of movements, building warmth and energy flow, helping to bring healing back to the body.  The Qigong system can help to reduce stress and anxiety, build stamina, and increase vitality whilst enhancing the immune system.  It can also help to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions. The supply of oxygen increases through the body helping to energise and offer a rejuvenating effect on every cell.


The practice forms an important part in Chinese Medicine, Chinese Martial and Healing Arts and has been used extensively in China and throughout the world as part of traditional Chinese medicine and alternative complimentary medicines.



Our Yin practice enables you the time to find the gentle movements within a Yoga practice. Floor based postures using the support of props allow for a deeper connection into the internal practice. A mix of somatic movement to allow the feeling of internal awareness and discovery helps to frame the gentle yoga experience. Props to support and care for the body make the Yin practice a deep sensory and relaxing experience. We let go of attachment to the superficial - "how does this pose look?" - and instead dig deep to observe how it really feels. This time spent in our deep parasympathetic nervous system (rather than in “flight or flight”) is deeply calming to the mind, and also allows the body to do its ‘housekeeping’ - balancing our hormone and blood sugar levels, improving our digestion and assisting our reproductive system to function correctly while dealing to adrenal overload so often experienced in this busy world. By incorporating a regular yin practice in our lives, we benefit greatly both on and off the mat from an enriched ability to observe our mind's activity. Ideal for stress related conditions, injuries, areas of aches and pains through the body which helps to increase mobility, bringing a deeper calm to the mind and body.


Our Restore practices are centred around relaxation and restoration - a necessary practice in our increasingly fast-paced world. Restore draws on subtle movement and static floor-based poses, which are complimented by the extensive use of props such blocks, bolsters and blankets to ensure that the physical body is supported and comfortable. These elements combined with an overlay of guided meditation invite a heightened awareness of self, so that you are better able to hear and act on the subtle messages of the bodymind. Our practice takes time to slow, gentle healing movements, cultivating awareness of inner silence whilst helping to create a deeper flexibility through supported postures.


To name just a few, Restore is ideal practice for stress related conditions, chronic pain, to stimulate the flow of the lymphatic system, increase immunity, encourage the flow of energy, and to ultimately nourish and balance the nervous system.





Where Ballet Barre meets Yoga and Pilates.


Barre Fusion combines Yoga, Pilates and Ballet to build a leaner, stronger and more flexible body.  Using the ballet barre and your own body weight, we will use targeted exercises to help transform your body.  Using interval training sequences, you will feel muscles you thought you never had!

Barre Fusion focuses on technique and correct alignment to ensure students are working safely and within their fitness limitations.


Strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles, tone your body and improve your posture and flexibility through our Barre classes.




Our Yoga team apply their knowledge to the Pilates training system.

Learn to strengthen your 'core', creating a leaner and more toned body.  Help to improve muscle balance and co-ordination whilst improving flexibility.  


Our Pilates training helps to create stability in spinal movement finishing with a complete energised feel.



The ultimate class to stretch and lengthen every part of your body.  You will leave feeling longer and lighter! Using ancient techniques, yoga therapy and modern movement principles to create optimal results.

This class is recommended as an accompanying all classes including Yoga, Barre Fusion, Barre Ballet and Pilates.

Private Tuition



If you are interested in private tuition, corporate classes or teacher training, please contact the studio for a bespoke package to be arranged.

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